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Athletes for Nature Mentorship Programme

We want to enable more athletes to achieve their sporting goals whilst also empowering them to make a positive change on our planet.

Not everyone can access formal coaching so we are offering the opportunity through our Athletes for Nature Mentorship Programme.

The successful applicant commits to the following:

  • Continually learn about the environmental impacts

  • Subscribe to and champion the Athletes for Nature action steps

  • Assist with the Sports Gear Revived campaign

  • Undertake the prescribed training and endeavour to complete a designated event


This is more than just free coaching - it is an opportunity to learn and inspire others.

As part of the programme, the athlete will also receive a starter pack from our amazing sponsors


This mentorship programme is offered to one successful applicant per season, free of charge.

Awarding this programme is at the sole discretion of Kaitiaki Endurance Sports' Head Coach.

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