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  • All fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include GST.

  • A GST invoice can be provided on request.

  • Please request the banking details to pay by bank transfer.

  • If you reside outside of New Zealand, please request a quote in your local currency and banking details for your region.

Coaching Plans and Nutrition Consultations

All new athletes requiring a training programme need to sign up for a full Athlete Consultation with ongoing feedback available for the following 6 weeks. Thereafter you have a choice with ongoing monthly support for as long as you like. The consultation covers 1 full programme cycle leading you to your A-race. Should you then wish to plan for a new A-race, another consultation is required - if within 6 months of the previous cycle, this is discounted to $250.

1-on-1 Coaching

Depending on the session booked, this can be as little as 30 minutes to as long as 2 hours in duration. The price could also vary accordingly so please message first before booking.

Monthly Membership

This is a monthly membership that provides you with resources, discounts, basic support and group training sessions. You do not need to be a coached athlete, but wish to be a part of the tribe.

The full monthly fee is a tax-deductible donation (New Zealand only) to The Lentil Intervention, a registered not-for-profit organisation and a receipt can be provided on request.

Athlete Consultation

Detailed planning for a new sporting goal and (or*) ensuring your nutritional requirements meet your sporting goals


*($120 60-minute nutrition consultation only)

  • A 90-minute full review and planning session

  • Personalised training programme to reach your primary event

  • Training blocks, weekly plan, and detailed training sessions

  • Racing schedule established to reach your primary event

  • Training heart rate zones defined

  • Tools to analyse and utilise heart rate variability

  • Key nutrients and tools specific for athletes*

  • Pre-race planning and post-race review/s (optional)

  • Training Peaks account to upload training sessions and events (optional)

  • A transition plan to a plant-based diet* (optional)

  • Body composition test (optional)

  • Available for regular feedback and advice for the following 6 weeks

  • This consultation may be conducted in person or online

Monthly Membership

Ideal for ensuring your training remains on track

$25 per month

  • Available for general feedback and advice

  • Occasional overview and input into the training programme

  • Training resources, strength/mobility workouts and plant-based recipes on request

  • Weekly track session plan (attendance when in season - Auckland, NZ)

  • Planned group training expeditions/weekends away

  • Sponsors' discount codes

  • Access to purchasing the "best looking" training/racing apparel

  • Tax-deductible donation to not-for-profit

1-on-1 Coaching

A completely individualised 1-hour session

$120 for 1 hour

  • Run analysis - improving run technique

  • Swim analyses - stroke technique (filming included)

  • Open water swim skills

  • Body composition analysis (weight, blood pressure, waist-to-hip ratio, ISAK 7-point skinfold measurements)

  • Strength and mobility session

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