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Plant-based nutrition for sports performance, recovery and our planet.

Implementing a healthy plant-based approach to training, competing and general well-being will have compelling benefits.


Using an evidence-based approach, guidance is provided on adopting and thriving on a well-balanced plant-based diet. This includes ensuring adequate calories are consumed, protein levels are not unnecessarily exceeded, and key micro-nutrients are met.

The primary interest is using the plant-based approach to improve performance and recovery, however, the benefits can extend to weight loss and improved health and well-being. 



Consultations are offered to assist with transitioning to a plant-based diet and fine-tuning to ensure the nutritional requirements meet the sporting goals. For athletes, this can work alongside their existing training plan. 

Please note: consultations are not undertaken for pregnant women, young children, and those suffering from medical conditions. Consultations are not provided to diagnose or treat any conditions. Kaitiaki Endurance Sports collaborates with a team of trusted plant-based medical experts to whom you would be referred to.

Race Day Nutrition

Ensuring sufficient caloric intake whilst minimising gastric distress is key to optimising performance. We help estimate the expected energy expenditure and use it to create a suitable race day nutrition plan.

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