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We believe in providing opportunities to those less fortunate, enabling more to participate in sports thereby enjoying the associated health and social benefits, immersing in nature, and creating better environmental awareness.

The added outcome is giving unwanted items a new lease of life rather than sending them to landfill.

We collaborate with Sports Gear Revived and help coordinate the collection of sports gear and deliver it to schools within the lower-socioeconomic and higher-deprivation communities of the Waikato and Northland regions of New Zealand. This includes sports clothing, tracksuits, swimwear, shoes and bags, and equipment such as bats, rackets and balls. Donating to the selected schools also positively impacts the surrounding communities.

Initiated as an annual appeal in 2012, it was previously known as the ‘Pre-Loved Sports Gear Appeal’, a part of Kaitiaki Endurance Sports. It was a means for donating excess sports gear accumulated by our athletes. All coaches associated with the group would volunteer a day per year to assist with the collecting and delivery. We now encourage our athletes to support this initiative as part of our Athletes for Nature campaign.

Click here for the Sports Gear Revived website.

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