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Coaching and Training Camps

FYI this morning, on my 2nd Parkrun since our (run assessment) session, I came in under 30 minutes for the first time in a dozen runs. I'll give you the credit! Many thanks! - Grant D

I just wanted to thank you so much for the training camp I attended on Saturday! I got so much advice and confidence out of it. You were knowledgeable and so helpful with all that you passed onto us. Appreciate your time and again thank you! - Hazel

REALLY enjoyed the camp, so thanks for all your help and efforts in making it so good.  I was out of my comfort zone a little, but that’s a good thing!  Great bunch of people too - Ana


It was a bloody good weekend!!  You did well!! - Scott


The training weekend was awesome I had such a good time and am definitely keen for more. – Mirjam


I would like to give you a personal big thank you for a well organised weekend training.  I have to admit that I didn’t think I was going to cope with all the sessions and was worried that I was going to be a burden on the better athletes but I was never made to feel that way and felt nothing but encouragement from all. – Martin


Just like to reinforce the thanks Trevor has conveyed to you for the Saturday clinic you conducted for us. I was close to giving up on cycling with so many historic injuries to deal with groin, IT band, back etc., but after listening to you it appears I have just about been doing everything wrong in respect to stretching, preparation, nutrition, in fact, a heap of lifestyle habits so your info and presentation was like a breath of fresh air to me so onwards and upwards from here and I will see how I go under a new regime. So many thanks again, Ben. - Pete


Just a quick note to say thanks again for the familiarisation session on the MTB track the other week. Although I didn't break any records on Saturday, I did set a PB ;-) . I was delighted to complete the course and am sure the MTB session you ran helped in a big way. I had no problems letting the fast guys past me, even on the narrow sections. I'm now looking to next year and a better time! - Steve

Plant-Based Sports Nutrition Workshops

I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great seminar today. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed as there was SO MUCH amazing information and am feeling very inspired. It was interesting and informative and has made me want to read a whole lot more about changes I can make. Thanks so much! – Jess


Thank you for reminding me to listen to the last lesson of the Whole Food Plant-Based series, "Nutrition for Athletes' by Ben Eitelberg. I found this particular lesson EXCELLENT and would welcome more from this presenter. - Peter


I really enjoyed your talk yesterday and feel I have a lot more knowledge to take away with me.  – Isi


Listened to you speak yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Refreshing to hear someone cutting through the supplements/processed vegan food bullshit and talk real food for health and performance. Resonated with what I follow and what should be common sense! Nice to hear someone preaching the good word. – Toby


Thanks for the workshop last weekend, was amazing to hear your perspective on the current state of nutrition, we need more speakers like you creating awareness of why plant-based is important! – Sahrita


Was a great workshop and I got some great info out of it – Shaz


Thank you for the workshop on Saturday, it was very informative!  - Christine


Last night was so informative and I learnt so much in such a short time. I bought the last ticket and so glad I did, finishing my awesome day off on such a high note. – Laura


I wanted to email to thank you for the event, I found it really interesting and it inspired me to read The China Study, which I have just finished. What an amazing book! I also trail run and enjoy being active, I have no doubts whatsoever that this way of eating provides better nutrition and in turn performance and energy, it's brilliant! – Jodine


I came along on Saturday with my husband and we both really enjoyed your talk. My husband and I are both plant-based, we both have arthritis (different kinds) and have switched for our health.  We are not athletes but still got a lot out of what you presented. – Tessa


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for what was a very informative evening! I have slowly started transitioning to more plant-based foods so it was really great to have this information to start what will be an interesting food journey. Thanks again! – Sonia


This was absolutely brilliant, thanks, Ben. – Ana


Two words: outstanding and INFORMATIVE!
Three words: outstanding, informative and EMPOWERING!
In a nutshell, Ben’s talk on plant-based nutrition and sport was highly inspirational and informative. Ben gives a genuine delivery of this popular topic and offers a lot personal tips and tricks! - Lesley


Thanks for the presentation, it was really informative and helpful – Andy


Finished my longest walk yet, the 30km Milne Bay Military Challenge yesterday. I used many of Ben’s nutrition and recovery ideas, and am feeling great – ready for my next challenge. – Elisabeth


I really enjoyed the information session last night.  So much new and amazing things to think about – Kristel


Just wanted to say I got so much from your session and it was both informative and inspiring! - Jen

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