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Optimising your performance.

At Kaitiaki Endurance Sports you are provided with the opportunity to learn as much as you can about yourself whilst also maximising the information your coach will have of their athlete by mitigating the guesswork.


Athlete Assessments
The preference is that no athlete should commence a new training programme before undertaking a screen for movement deficiencies, limitations or asymmetries, and health-related parameters. This also provides the opportunity to benchmark oneself at various intervals of the programme or year. The selected assessment protocol will include a selection of the following:

  • A comprehensive consultation questionnaire

  • Full body composition analyses

  • Functional Movement Screen (captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns and competence of basic movements)

  • Motor Control Screen (checking and setting a baseline for motor control in the upper and lower body)

  • Strength endurance test

  • Cardiac fitness test

Spren Body Composition Analyses (digital)

Spren is an AI-powered body composition scanner utilising a smartphone camera with validated machine learning algorithms and computer vision. It provides body fat %, fat mass, lean mass, android fat, gynoid fat and resting metabolic rate. Our athletes can download this app, undertake the scan within the privacy of their home, and share the results with their coach to incorporate into their overall training plan. 

Body Composition Analyses (manual)

The following are predominantly used for benchmarking but can also help identify health-related concerns: 

  • weight

  • blood pressure

  • waist-to-hip ratio

  • ISAK 7-point skinfold measurements (we do not calculate body fat percentages due to the inconsistent nature of varying measurement techniques and formulas used to convert the data).

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Motor Control Screen (MCS) (not currently offered)

The FMS screening is used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality. The assessment provides an objective assessment of functional movement and can be used as a predictor of injury potential. Individualised corrective exercises are then provided to address any problem areas. The modified assessment also includes a Motor Control Screen (MCS) to determine whether a person has the minimum level of motor control with body weight to allow maximal adaptability for human performance.

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